Top 5 Ways to Get Your Pets Involved in Your Wedding

Perhaps the last thing you’ve ever thought about is involving your pets in your upcoming wedding. However, you probably only think this because of the centuries-long formalities involved with weddings here in the U.K.

While we know the Royals wouldn’t use their corgis (or other pets) in their weddings, it doesn’t mean you can’t. It can bring a refreshing and down-to-earth feel to your event, especially if your guests are animal lovers.

Hiring a photographer with experience photographing animals at weddings helps.

Having Your Dog Stand in for the Flower Girl

If you have a favourite dog in your family that your bride or groom also loves, why not have them involved in the actual ceremony?

Some people use their dog in place of the flower girl or ring bearer. Despite taking some time to find a venue accepting pets (and making sure your dog is properly trained), having your dog pose next to both of you makes for some charming photo moments.

The question is, what should you have them wear if you plan to bring your dog (or other pet) to the event?

Dressing Up Your Pet

Dogs are easier to dress up than cats, but it’s worth considering placing your dog in comfortable outfits appropriate for your wedding theme.

Fitting your dog with little bow ties or loose-fitting waistcoats can make for some fun photo moments. Many couples who include their pet pose together in portraits taken outdoors.

What better way to make your pet a part of your new union than have them pose between you in a cute outfit?

Your photographer should have some experience photographing animals to capture the right pose.

Hiring a Pet Sitter

Not all of your pets are going to stay calm during an exciting event like a wedding. It’s a good idea to hire a pet sitter to bring your pet to the ceremony and take them home afterwards. With your wedding being chaotic enough, you may not have enough quality time to care for your pet to ensure they’re comfortable all day.

A quality wedding photographer with pet experience will know how to make them feel calm. Just be sure your pet is well cared for, especially if you’re having a summer wedding during hot weather. They’ll need plenty of water (and proper food).

Since some foods served at your wedding could become dangerous for your pet if accidentally consumed, your pet sitter will become invaluable to avoid these problems.

Allow Time for the Photographer to Bond With Your Pet

Your pet may not know the photographer and the former could have trouble cooperating if they feel uncomfortable around the latter.

Allow your photographer to arrive early and bond with your pet for a while before the photo sessions start. This may involve a few minutes to allow your dog to sniff and play with the photographer so they can connect. On a personal note, I’ve worked with tons of dogs and sometimes they can smell my cat so it’s a good idea to take 5 minutes to have a game of fetch and chill with the pooch.

Bring Other Pets to Your Wedding

Some couples bring other close pets in their family to weddings. For example, horses can make for some outstanding photos. Showing you and your new spouse riding horses around a natural environment can bring some real dramatic flair.

Even small pets like rabbits or cats make great additions in photos when being handled by the bride.