The Secret to Looking good in your wedding photos…

Hate Posing but Still Want to Look Great on Your Wedding Day?

So you want to look great in your wedding photos and not cringe every time you see them? Have a read about Emily & Russ below; they’re a gorgeous, funny & cute couple who hated being in front of the camera, especially Russ!

So what is this big secret I hear you ask? ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS! Engagement sessions save the day when it comes to getting gorgeous looking wedding photos if you hate posing. What’s better than having a dummy run before the wedding? Engagement sessions are the perfect opportunity to get to know your photographer in a relaxed and casual setting and air your fears and feelings about posed photos. You’ll be able to see what it’s like in front of the camera and how totally not scary it is when you have the right photographer there with you.

Don’t just take my word for it either, Emily & Russ LOVED their session even though they were petrified when we first started.

“Aaron made us feel relaxed (Russ was a bit nervous as doesn’t like pictures being taken) and was really friendly, making it a fun and memorable evening.”

I met Emily & Russ at Danes Dyke on the East coast near Bridlington; it’s the perfect dog walking spot which was handy because they brought their pair of crazy spaniels Duddley and Chester. It’s always best if you have something to do on an engagement session, like dog walking, grabbing a coffee at a coffee shop or sightseeing in a city (like the time I met Roy & Urszula in York and spent the day roaming the York City sites). Having an activity to do breaks the ice and diffuses tension about having photos taken, plus if you’re acting naturally on a day out then the images will look natural too!

So let’s talk about Emily & Russ! They were both super nervous at first, but after just 5 minutes they were naturals! My style involves very minimal posing, more of a prompt such as ‘give him a cuddle’ and I’ll capture the spontaneous emotions that unfold. We had a little walk from the car park up to the cliff tops. If you’ve been to Danes Dyke, who’ll know how hard that ‘little’ walk is. The cliff tops provide a beautiful view of Bridlington to the south and north up along the coast to Flamborough. The mist hampered the view a little but made for some atmospheric shots. Another reason why I love shooting outdoors, you never know what conditions you’re going to be met with!

"Our friends were asking if Aaron was family!  This was something we were hesitant about spending money on but we are really pleased we did! We can’t recommend him highly enough. Thank you so much Aaron!"

Antonia & Neil

So how did this affect their wedding day you ask? I'm going to attach some photos below, and I'll let you be the judge. SPOILER ALERT - they were amazing, super cute, natural images of them enjoying their day without being phased that there was a camera pointed at them. This is entirely down to getting to know them on an engagement session and showing them how easy it is to look natural and beautiful on camera.

Anyway, that’s enough from me – you want to see some photos…