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Rudding Park Wedding Photographer | Emma & Matthew’s Wedding

If You Love Wildflowers Then You’ll Adore This Stately Home Wedding!

Emma and Matthew got married at the beautiful Rudding Park, Harrogate, this winter. It was a wonderful wintery wedding, with so much colour all over the tables and wildflowers everywhere.

Bridal Prep

Emma got ready in a suite at Ruddying Park with her two awesome bridesmaids, and there was such a happy vibe. She wore the most elegant white lace dress and looked so beautiful. She then walked the short distance to get to the ceremony. We stopped on the grand staircase for the obligatory pre-ceremony photos with her bridesmaids.

Matthew got ready with his mum, dad, grandparents and best man in a separate suite at Ruddying Park. He wore a proper dapper three-piece complete with a pocket watch and looked really cool. I loved Matthew’s suite so much I’m having a version made up for myself by his tailor for some of my future weddings. minus the jacket, I am a sucker for a glamorous waistcoat though!

Photographing A Rudding Park Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony took place in the Ruddying Park library in the beautiful Ruddying Park stately home. The ceremony area was filled with flowers, which was so perfect because it was an intimate wedding. The ceremony began with Emma walking down the aisle with her stepfather and finished with a sweeping first kiss. It was a romantic ceremony, full of so much love and excited hand squeezes.

After the ceremony, we did portraits in the garden, which is such a great time for the newly married couple to have some time to let it sink in. Then I left the couple to mingle, which was the perfect time for me to get candid photos. I got some really special couples photos outdoors – the front facade of Ruddying Park is to die for! We revisited it for 5 minutes in the evening and did something a bit special with some lights too. so keep an eye out for that later in the blog 😉

The Reception at Rudding Park

For the reception, the couple had planned a cocktail drinks reception and private bar for their guests, and everyone had so much fun – it was a chilled out hour for mingling and laughing for all the guests before the meal. Everyone was then called in for the wedding breakfast, which was a slap-up meal. It was absolutely delicious. They had speeches after the meal, which were so funny – especially the super cheeky best man, who had us all in stitches. I love it when the best man pulls out all the stops, including embarrassing stories from their childhood or uni days together.

The Evening

After the speeches, they cut the cake, and the dancefloor was packed from the moment the first dance finished until the very last song. The DJ played all the best songs to get everyone dancing.

The evening ended with sparklers, which was such a wonderful idea – we did a small intimate send-off with just the best man and bridesmaids. The whole wedding was everything I love about weddings, from the bride’s awesome dress to the wonderful speeches. One of the most memorable moments of the wedding was the best man speech because it had everyone laughing and smiling.

I loved this Rudding Park wedding so much. If you’re getting married and looking for a Rudding Park wedding photographer, get in touch. Here are the photos!

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Rudding Park Wedding Photographer

Here Are Matthew & Emma’s Rudding Park Wedding Highlights

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