Moonlight Drive-In Cinema – Behind the Scenes

Moonlight Drive-In Cinema

A few weeks ago I got an exclusive look behind the scenes of Moonlight Drive-In Cinema as they were setting up at the McArthurGlen outlet in York. If you want to check them out then click here to go to their website or visit their Facebook page here. I’ve been to see both Grease and Back To The Future at their mobile cinema in York. So when I was invited to do a documentary style behind the scenes photo shoot I couldn’t resist!

The Setup

I’ve always wondered about how they set up such a massive screen for a drive in cinema; with great difficulty it turns out. The blow up screen weighs close to a ton so its a gargantuan effort to get it into position before it can be inflated. There’s a whole system of counterbalances and straps keeping everything in line and wind resistant. I saw Ben and his colleagues set the screen up without any heavy equipment and it looked like back breaking work. Here are a few photos to show just how enormous the screen really is in person. It was a moody and dull day so I shot everything in black and white with lots of film grain on my Fuji X100t – a slight nod to the days of black and white movies.

The Great Inflation!

I was shocked to hear that the massive screen inflates in only 5 minutes. Inflation is the easy part, with all the hard work put in beforehand. Getting the screen into position and setting up the counterbalances it really pays off. With a little bit of air the screen really starts to take shape!

A proud moment for Ben and his colleagues – all the hard work is over.

If you have ever wanted to go to an american style drive in cinema (and why wouldn’t you? They’re awesome!) then check out the Moonlight Drive-In Cinema. They have locations in York, Scarborough, Beverley, Hull, Doncaster and more. With lots of showings throughout this summer, it’s a great evenings entertainment!

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