Lake District Landscape Photography

A Story In Photos – The Lake District

Some of you may have read about my birthday trip to Robin Hood’s bay and Whitby, however that wasn’t my actual present from my other half Ellie. She had actually booked a long weekend away to the Lake District for us. Our excursion up to Whitby was more of a last minute get away – which I loved!

For our trip away we stayed in Cockermouth in a quint little cottage right on the river front. The weather was truly beautiful from the moment we set off right until we left the cottage to return home. This was the my first trip over to Cumbria and for me it brought back memories of Canada with the beautiful lakes, snow capped mountains and think green forests. I can safely say that this will not be my only trip to the lakes and I’m eagerly planning another (longer) trip in the near future to explore some of the parts we missed. Our trip took up to Derwent Water, Bassenthwaite, Coniston Water and Ullswater. I may be missing one off the list but I think that was everywhere we visited.

Long Exposure Photography

As my main subject of photography were the lakes I brought my long exposure kit. The general idea is to increase the exposure time in order to smooth out the water surface, so without further ado here are some of my results.

We met up with a good friend of ours!

Whilst visiting Keswick and Derwent Water we met up with a good friend of ours and very talented photographer Freya Steele. She specialises in wildlife photography and media, you can check out her website HERE (but not until you’ve finished reading this blog :p). We had a great time and took some photographs together from one of the lookout points on Derwent Water. Freya is a childhood friend of Ellie’s and it was great to see them reunited again (this only happens once or twice a year).

(Freya testing out my camera – the Fuji X-T2)

The 10 Second Timer…

We visited so many beautiful locations and seeing as I had my tripod with me… we decided to do some self portraits. The 10 second timer function on my camera really received a bashing on this trip. And if I’ve learnt one thing, it’s that setting up the camera, composing, focusing tripping the timer and then running over to Ellie and posing is even harder than it sounds! 

And Finally… Oscar!

I couldn’t write this little blog article without mentioning the happy little companion we had with us on this trip., Ellie’s Norfolk terrier called Oscar. Out of all of us I think Oscar had the best time.