How Are You going to Remember YOUR Wedding?

How Are You going to Remember YOUR Wedding?

Most couples only think about what photographs they want. Not many think about HOW they want to remember their wedding day. Do you want a luxurious hardback book full of memories or a convenient memory stick of digital photos that can be emailed and posted online to share with friends and family around the world? In this blog post, I’m going to run through the great debate and give you some feedback from my past clients along with my own opinion so you can make an informed decision and remember your wedding in the way that is personal to you.

Albums Vs. USB… The Great Debate

So let’s kick off with the USB, it’s great, isn’t it? You get all of your photos in one place and you can choose whether you want to upload them to Facebook or print them at boots the chemist. But what do you do with them if you want to look at them with family? Put them on your phone or tablet? That means you’re all going to be hunched over looking at a tiny screen. Speaking of screens, a little-known fact is that all phones and computers display colours differently to one another. So if a photographer has edited a set of photos to look a certain way then if they’re viewed on a tv or laptop with bad colours then they’ll look completely different to how the photographers sees them. This could really ruin the experience if all you have is digital files! So they’re great for sharing online and flicking through on your phone but not so great when it comes to showing your family and friends over a cup of tea at the weekend.

So I hear you ask what about a wedding album? Aren’t they stuffy and old for fuddy duddy’s? Well, this really isn’t the case. The range of albums and designs out there are truly amazing these days. You can get a timeless and classic fabric covered album with beautifully printed (with great colours) pages that will look good and be hard wearing for 40+ years! Plus it’s something physical, and research has suggested that holding something in your hands and flicking through the pages makes a more emotional connection to the subject. Do you want to remember the details and emotions of your big day? I’m guessing you do. But it’s not all rainbows with albums either, if you get an album that’s printed badly or is cheap quality then you’ll have the same problem with looking at photos on your laptop screen… they’ll look crap!

Luxury Bespoke Wedding Albums

So to sum up what you don’t want is a crappy book of poorly printed photos, but equally, you don’t want a USB of terrible looking photos that you can’t do anything with either! You don’t want to look back in 10 years and think ‘why did I choose that?!’ or ‘I wish I could go back and get these photos redone’. Because in 10 years time… it’s too late. Imagine being at your friend’s house and seeing all of their beautiful wedding photos on their wall or a gorgeous album on the coffee table and thinking ‘I wish I had that’.

What Do I Think?

So what’s my personal take on this? I love albums! Some of my happiest memories have been immortalised in printed photos which my parents and grandparents keep in albums. And to tell you the truth I love sitting down on the sofa with my sister and parents and flicking through them having a trip down memory lane. There’s something that I just can’t quite put into words about how nice it is to look back on photos from 10+ years ago. This really influenced me in my decision to become a photographer and how I deliver albums to my clients. Every client of mine gets a beautiful album chock full of gorgeous photos – but they also get a matching USB nestled in the album box as well, for all those moments you want to share with friends on Facebook. I’m not alone in thinking this way either, here are a few words from my past clients.

What My Clients Have Said

Aaron made us feel so comfortable, we hardly knew he was there and caught fantastic candid shots throughout the day. Our album is beautiful, photos we will treasure forever.

Brittany & Joe

Take a Look at Brittany's Wedding, Album & USB Set Below

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Luxury Bespoke Wedding Albums