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The Best Yorkshire Bridal Hair & Makeup -The Briar Rose Co.

Last week I finally got the chance to catch up with my friends Kellie & Emma from The Briar Rose Co. Little known fact, I've known these two for over 15 years?! We actually went to secondary school together, so imagine my surprise when I walk into a bridal shoot only to see my two old friends who I'd not seen for years doing the hair and makeup of our model.

(Images kindly provided by Lynsey Doran & Carl Milner)

So who better to feature on my 'Best of Yorkshire' blog? I can honestly say that having known, worked with and appreciated their work for over a decade, these girls know their stuff! Anyway, I'll stop waffling and let you hear from the girls yourself!

Yorkshire Wedding Hair MUA Briar Rose Bridal Makeup

Emma & Kellie said:

Hey! We are a best friend duo, a definite sisterhood, a love for all things hair and makeup and most importantly to you a combined experience spanning over 10 years. Our work includes editorial, published bridal, top blogs, international fashion, top makeup brands, film and of course, our favourite, our lovely Briar Rose brides.

How long have you been in business? Collectively we have been going over 14 years working for ourselves and other companies but The Briar Rose Co. has been in business for 2 years now.

When did you start your business and what made you start? We started the Briar Rose Co. officially in November 2018. Best friends since we were at school and always with a passion for all things hair and makeup, we both separately found our way into the hair and makeup business. We worked independently and working together for the same company. Then one day, Kellie needed a hair artist on one of her weddings last minute and I stepped in. We never looked back after that, we couldn’t believe we hadn’t done it sooner!

Where are you based? We are based in both South Yorkshire and East Yorkshire.

How far will you travel for a wedding? We will travel anywhere and everywhere our brides ask us! We’re hoping to go international post Covid?

Yorkshire Wedding bridal Hair by  Briar Rose

How would you describe your style? Our ethos is very much about finding our brides natural style and bringing out the glow and ‘that’ smile when they look in the mirror. Whether it be red lips and killer eyeliner or soft, elegant makeup, we love working with our brides to get it just right.

What makes you different from your competitors? As we said previously, rather than branding ourselves with a certain style and a certain type of bride, we pride ourselves on diversity. We get such a thrill out of something out there and unique but also get those very special feels with more natural looks. We’re in it for that moment when a bride looks in the mirror and glows with how good they feel!

What do you enjoy most about your job? Emma – For me, it’s got to be the wedding morning, being part of that special group of people a bride has chosen to spend her wedding morning with couldn’t be more fulfilling. From dancing with the gals in dressing gowns to dad seeing his daughter as a bride for the first time…I blub every time.

Kellie – For me, it’s those moments of real human connection, when you’re getting to know a bride, a mum, sister, bridesmaid. They’re sat in your chair and you find a shared passion or experience or they share an anecdote about they know the bride and it breaks down walls people naturally put up. It also really helps me get a feel for what they really like and want from me.

I also am a sucker for a Dad & Daughter moment. I’m getting married soon and I think that may be one of the hardest moments to hold it together.

Yorkshire Wedding Hair MUA Briar Rose Bridal Makeup

What is your biggest achievement so far?

Emma - Building our business to what it is, getting those enquires into a level we just didn’t expect yet at this stage…but even more so, making a partnered business work, it’s not for some, but for me, I couldn’t do it without Kellie it with anyone else.

Kellie – I’m so proud of the fact we have built such a consistently busy business whilst juggling other jobs, families, social life and now a global pandemic. We managed to squeeze in wedding fairs as well as some amazing shoots with suppliers we love and respect and quite a few have been published. We genuinely stand back in awe at what we have created, and each new booking makes us do a happy dance! I’m surprised you can’t hear the tapping of us firing a WhatsApp message in excitement to each other.

What sort of couple do you think you attract?

We generally seem to meet brides that are quite down to Earth and that we get on so well with straight away. It’s like we’ve been friends for years, we haven’t had a stressful wedding morning yet! As for style, there is defiantly no rhyme or reason, we love that we have such a diverse range of brides.

Yorkshire Wedding Hair MUA Briar Rose Bridal Makeup

What would be your ideal wedding to work on?

Emma – Our 90s playlist blasting out, everyone having a great time whilst we do our thing! (Basically a normal Briar Rose morning really!)

Kellie – My ideal weddings are nice and chilled, full of laughter and music. When we can just crack on and we almost forget this is ‘work’ because we’re having so much fun.

What advice would you give couples when choosing their wedding hair and makeup artist?

Really delve into their social media/website to get a feel for the artist and their work. Keep in mind that whilst getting a feel for a style you may see in examples of their work or online, each person is different with different skin, hair etc so they will translate uniquely on you. A good artist can take your vision and make it the best to fit you personally, their clients shouldn’t be carbon copies of one another just because it fits the current ‘trend’

Can you give me some information on your pricing structure?

We offer packages for brides and their bridal parties as well as singular pricing and tailor-made pricing to fit each bride’s big day.

Contact THE best wedding hair and MUA in Yorkshire:

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