A Snowy Morning In Bridlington

It was a cold start this morning in Bridlington. I looked out the window at 7am and saw a beautiful blanket of snow so I decided it would be a good idea to drive up to the cliffs and get some landscape photography in before breakfast. Well… that didn’t quite go to plan.

 I got precisely to Queensgate in Bridlington before having to turn around and come home. That 5 minute journey took almost 20 minutes in the treacherous conditions. I had to abandon my plan to drive up to the cliffs and instead go out on foot. I battled down to the seafront just in time to take the shot below, five minutes after and most of the snow was brown and melted. It’s not quite the photo that I wanted when I initially saw the snow this morning but I’m chuffed with it all the same!

Snow on Bridlington Beach - Bridlington Landscape Photographer Aaron Morris