A Moroccan Adventure

I Love Travel Photography

I love to travel! Being a wedding photographer however, doesn’t lend itself to flexible holidays. There’s always a special day that needs photographing somewhere and whilst I love it… everyone needs a little holiday once in a while. I’d love to take 3 or 4 months to travel through Asia or Africa but I could never abandon my business for so long.

 Last December I settled for 2 weeks in Africa. Quite possibly two of the best weeks of my life. This holiday was an early Christmas present for my partner Ellie, and one for me too! I’m not completely selfless in taking El away for two weeks, Morocco has been on my bucket list for a long time and I’m glad I’ve finally ticked it off. That’s not to say I won’t go back, there’s just so many other places I need to visit first.

 So where did we go? I would describe it as one of the loudest and liveliest places I’ve ever been, Marrakech.

 Now I’m not going to make out that we backpacked through Africa. We stayed in a 5* hotel so we had all the amenities we could think off. After all, this was supposed to be a relaxing break away for the both of us – not a gap year to find out ‘who we really are’.

 Our hotel was about 15 minutes from the Medina, an area locally known as the ‘old city’. The old city is a walled of section of Marrakech which was the original city before expansion started. Within the walls you’ll find all the local vendors and market stall holders. The busiest part is Jemaa el-Fnaa, a large square in the Medina which is home to fortune tellers, snake charmers and herb sellers. The square was by far my favourite part of the city, as night it truly came alive with music and food stalls serving up delicious fresh meals. As good as the food at the hotel was, the best meal I had was on the last night of our stay. A platter of grilled vegetables, fresh king prawns and beautiful couscous, all cooked in front of us on a griddle in the square. Watching the local vendors and entertainers as we ate was amazing.

 Surrounding the square are the famous Souks selling all the local merchandise. I’ll admit I’m a sucker for leather bags. So it’s no surprise that I left with both a camel leather satchel bag and a beautiful hand luggage size leather duffel bag. Both made by hand locally and very reasonably priced.

The Atlas Mountains – Morocco Travel Photography

 The other highlight of our trip for me (other than the intoxicating Jemaa el-Fna) was the Atlas Mountains. We hired a private driver to take us up the mountains and show us some of the more hidden treasures. We saw the usual tourist spots but also some of the smaller villages and traditional Berber spots. We stopped for some traditional mint tea, not once but twice (Ellie loves the stuff). My favourite spot was a small outdoors restaurant next to a river in one of the valleys in the Mountains. This river was exceptional, and a little scary at just how close our table was to the edge. I could touch the water whilst sitting down…

 Before I end this post I want to give a mention to Mohammad, who made our trip unforgettable. From organising our transfers and trips (like the awesome quad biking) to just being a friendly face at the hotel, he made our stay in Marrakech truly fantastic.

 I think that’s enough rambling from me, why don’t I just show you some of my favourite shots (and video), which let’s not lie, is why you clicked on this post isn’t it ?


The square as the sun was setting, the atmosphere starting to transform into a busy night market full of entertainers and food merchants

The weather wasn’t always fantastic! It did give us an excuse to duck inside our favourite rooftop bar, drink some hot mint tea and look out on the market from the shelter or the rain cover.

A quick panorama from the rooftop of our favourite bar in the Medina

The view of Koutoubia Mosque from Jemaa el-Fna

The beautiful Ellie (who has the patience of a saint for not killing me every time I stop to take a photo of something that catches my eye… which happens a lot!)

One of the stunning views from the Atlas Mountains